Blogs About Writing

Isn’t it funny that so many writers love the craft and the process of writing to the extent that we feel the need to start a blog, so that we can write about writing?

Kathryn Vercillo over at Real Words posted a great list yesterday of “40 Inspiring Writing Blogs.”  And guess who made the list!  Thanks Kathryn, for the mention.  I encourage you to hop on over there and check out some of the interesting blogs that were included on the list.


  1. Lisa,
    So true. If you love writing, blogs encourage you to write regularly. This is a good habit for writers who intend to make a career out of writing, because a blog has to be updated often. Congrats for the mention. How do you get so many hits? My writing blog is new and I’d love some comments.
    Donna M


  2. Thanks Donna. I’ve been at it a while, but my readership has grown significantly in the past year. Just continue to write, and more people will catch on. It’ll always be a few popular posts that rank high on search engine results that attract the most attention, but you’ll get some loyal followers who like your overall content and will come back for more. Tags, commenting on other people’s blogs, and adding people to your blogroll helps too.


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