Greetings from San Jose

I flew to San Jose, CA this morning for a quick weekend trip. I spent the day in San Francisco with my friend Simone, assisting her with some wedding planning errands and enjoying the company of a good friend.

On my way out, I had the pleasure of flying on one of United Airline’s new Boeing 767s with the upgraded seat configuration. Oh baby, talk about luxury! In business class, where I had the privilege of sitting, the seats fully reclined into beds. The video console system featured a large screen with a variety of entertainment options, such as:

  • At least 30 different movies from which to choose that can be started, paused, fast forwarded, etc. at the leisure of the individual passenger
  • 20+ on demand TV shows
  • Audio books
  • Dozens of video games
  • Music channels
  • Flight and airport updates

The road warrior business traveler who sat next to me remarked about how impressed she was, not only with the new business class seats, but also with the courteous and engaging crew, from the gate agents to the pilots to the flight attendants. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy many good flight experiences, but this particular flight was an unexpected delight. United already had an impressive airplane fleet, but the new ’67s are truly an indulgence for passengers!

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