Blog Buzz

Several of my posts and articles have been picked up by other sources, and I’d like thank them for taking the time to read, spread the word, and credit the source.  In return, I’d like to offer props for some of these sites.

Here are a few of the latest…

My feature on National Poetry Month was published on the Boston Globe‘s website,

My memorial to Arthur C. Clarke was posted on the Arthur C. Clarke website:

My interview with bestselling author Kim Harrison was linked to from her own website:  Also from the Urban Fantasy Land blog, from an Italian blog that, to the best of my knowledge, seems to blog about fantasy and sci fi book and movie news, and a few others as well.

My review of How NOT To Write a Novelby Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman was linked to from Cville Words:, among others.

Other articles have been circulated as well, and I apologize to those sites that I didn’t mention in this post.  These are simply a few of the most recent that came to mind.  If I missed you, please feel free to comment on this post if you’d like to share your site.  (Note: I do spam filter all of the advertisement-like comments, but if you are a source with a relevant feature, please feel free to comment.)

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