I’d like to ask the question that I asked author Kim Harrison in a recent interview:

Where do you find inspiration?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the fact that I find inspiration for story ideas from my dreams, or to be more specific, my nightmares.  I am also inspired by my travels.  Seeing a new place, particularly one that stems from a long history, or experiencing the fresh perspective of a culture different from my own can create vivid images for settings and characters.  Reading sometimes helps waken my muse, and many of my characters are roughly drawn from mythology or fairy tales.  Even minor events that happen in my daily routine can be sources for new ideas, particularly when something goes awry.

What are some of the things that inspire you, emotionally or creatively?  Where do you get your ideas for stories, scenes or characters; for paintings, music, or sculpture?  What details about a particular scene captures your photographer’s eye?  Do you plant your garden for color or for function, and how do you decide what goes where?  How do you decide what to knit or crochet, and what colors to use?  When you are at a low point emotionally, what inspires you to move forward?


  1. Hmm… I think an easier question would be, “Where don’t I find inspiration?”
    I don’t think there’s an aspect of my life that I haven’t drawn inspiration from. The novel I just recently finished originally stemmed from mis-interpreted song lyrics. Inspiration is everywhere as long as you’re willing to look.


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