Book Titles

The page proofs for my Trout Valley book arrived from my editor a few days ago.  My husband pointed out to my four-year-old daughter that my name is on the front cover because I wrote the book.  She was quick to point out the flaw in his statement.

“Her name is spelled M-O-M.”

She asked what the title of my next book would be, the one that is “pretend” and “made up” (i.e. fiction).  I admitted that I had been struggling with choosing a new title because a couple of months after I started writing it, I saw a new bestseller on the bookstore shelf with the title that I had thought I might use.  She had a few suggestions of her own.

“How about Harry Potter?”

“Already been done.”

Jack and the Beanstalk?”

“There’s a book by that name too.”

“How about Katymashalla?”

“Well, that certainly is unique.  I doubt there’s another book with that title.”

“Or,” she suggested, “You can just name it Once a Long Time Ago There Was a Camel Who Couldn’t Find Any Water.”

“There are no camels in my story, but keep the ideas coming, sweetheart.  You’re on the right track.”


  1. LOL! That sounds like it was ripped from the pages of Nadja’s ramblings. I’m so glad they’re friends.

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