Creating Art

That’s a lofty title for such a simple post…

Yesterday, my four-year-old daughter watched with rapt interest a segment about Gustav Klimt that happened to be on TV.  Immediately afterwards, she eagerly asked if she could have some paper and crayons.  In her own words, she insisted, “I need to make art.”

The day resulted in various sketches, crayon drawings, and paintings.  As I write this, she is working on making a personalized bookmark for her new book.

We have now begun reading a chapter from a book every night before bedtime, as opposed to the shorter children’s books that can be read in their entirety in a five or ten minute segment.  The book that we are reading now is The Robber Hotzenplotz by Ottfried Preubler, translated from German to English.  She goes to bed each night begging for more.

I love it that she has a creative spirit and loves reading so much.  She told me yesterday, “Mommy, I want to be a writer like you.”

When I asked her what she wanted to write about, she responded, “I’ll write about Harry Potter.”


  1. You are a wonderful role model for your girls, Lisa. How great they want to be like you. Someday, they will look back and think about the ways you inspired the women they became.


  2. I wouldn’t necessarily flatter myself by thinking that she wants to be like me. Over the past few months, she has also claimed that she wants to be a doctor-fireman-astronaut, an artist, and a superhero. I just try to encourage her that she can be whatever it is she wants to be, and also set as much money aside as possible to save for the numerous degrees it might take to become a doctor-fireman-astronaut.


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