2008 New York Book Festival

The entertainment world and fans alike are abuzz with talk about last night’s Academy Awards.  For you writers and book lovers, I’d like to mention another award event that is coming up in June — the 2008 New York Book Festival.

The awards ceremony will be hosted at the literary landmark Algqonuin Hotel in the Big Apple on June 27, followed by a festival in Central Park featuring a day of books, bands, readings by authors, and various vendor booths open all day on June 28.

The purpose of the festival is to celebrate books that deserve greater recognition.  Many aspiring writers struggle with, not the writing process itself, but with the business of publishing and marketing their work.  One may have talent and be a gifted writer/photographer/graphic novelist, but how does one get noticed?  The New York Book Festival is an annual event designed to assist upcoming writers with just this task.

It is also an opportunity for readers to to gain exposure to some of the gems that may not have necessarily made the bestseller lists.  Over 20,000 people were in attendance at last year’s festival, and more are expected this year.  Interested parties who can not attend the festival in person may check the New York Book Festival website for announcements about winners in each category.

The Festival encourages submissions in genres from every realm, including works of fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, teenage, how-to, audio, e-books, comics/’zines, poetry, science fiction, horror, romance, photography/art, biography/autobiography, and a wild card category where “anything goes!”  Entries from published, self-published, and independently published authors will be considered, and there is also a category for unpublished stories.

Submissions may be written in a variety of languages — German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, French or Italian.  (Materials published prior to the year 2000 will not be considered.)  The deadline to apply is May 25, 2008.  The grand prize includes $1500 and a flight to New York to attend the festival.  Winners will be celebrated at the festival, and will also be announced on the New York Book Festival website.

For more information about the festival or instruction on how to enter your work, please visit the New York Book Festival website at http://newyorkbookfestival.com/ or call 323-665-8080.

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