Book per Week

Before having kids, reading a minimum of one book per week was a given, and I am glad to say that even with two young children not yet in school, I am still on track so far this year.  Of course, it’s still early.

I am looking forward to my upcoming flight to Munich tomorrow night as a sanctuary of uninterrupted reading and journaling time.  I’ll probably bring my laptop with me, but my battery dies quickly these days, and there’s the whole power adapter plug issue.  It’ll be a good excuse to get back to the feel of a smooth reliable black pen and sturdy crisp paper under my fingertips.  I’ll bring two books and a few journals and magazines with me on my trip.

I believe that every good writer must constantly read — not just books in the same genre in which he/she writes or books for research, but also poetry, literary journals, and fiction and nonfiction of every sort.  Naturally, each individual has his/her preference for certain types of reading.  Everyone should partake in some serious reading as well as a heaping dose of pleasure reading for the pure escape and enjoyment that a good book can elicit.

I tend to juggle reading three to five books at once.  I like to have a book on hand everywhere I go.  I usually keep one by my bed, one in the living room, one in each car, and one in my purse or laptop bag.  There are also scattered journals and magazines, like a trail of bread crumbs throughout the house that lead straight to me.

I have been known to obsessively dive into a particular genre for a dozen or more books in a row, but in general, I like to sample from a range of topics.  I’m always looking for book recommendations and introduction to new authors, while eagerly awaiting new releases from favorite authors.

I hope through this blog that I am able to make some good reading recommendations that others might enjoy too.

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  1. Oh, agreed. When I hear from writers who say they don’t read much or at all it really gives me pause. I don’t understand how that can be. I read voraciously and can’t imagine not doing that.

    Last year I averaged a book per week, but when I’m not in grad school it’s usually at least double that. It’s so hard finding time to read but there’s no way I won’t do it. I’ll miss sleep for it! It’s a passion.


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