When you Google “Damian”, not surprisingly, all sorts of wacky stuff comes up.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Of course, we all know about Damien, the son of the devil from the movie The Omen.  Like I didn’t get teased about that growing up (and still do).
  2. Damian was also the name of the priest from The Exorcist.
  3. There’s Saint Damian who, like most saints, was martyred, in his case by beheading after a gruesome series of tortures including fire that, according to legend, did not affect him.  He was said to have healed the sick for no payment, and is, among many other things, the patron saint of chemical manufacturers.
  4. Then there is the lesser known Damian Wayne from DC Comics, the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, who was raised and trained by his mother as an assassin, and later tried to off Robin in an attempt to replace him as Batman’s much darker sidekick.  (He’s my personal favorite, but considering the list, that’s not a tough choice.)
  5. My name comes from the Chamorro family of Damians, originally hailing from the island of Guam, though most of my relatives now live in California.
  6. According to many sources, the name Damian is of Greek derivative and means “to tame” or “to tame the masses”, which I suppose isn’t necessarily in opposition to the antichrist reference from The Omen.

That’s a remarkably high number of creepy characters with which to be associated.  Having the name Damian is sometimes like wearing my own personal warning label.  I may be small and display a sunny smile, but trust me, you do not want to get on my bad side.


  1. This is great. I was named after Father Joseph Damien de Veuster who brought the gospel to the lepers on the Isle of Molokai and yet … my life has been like a hootenanny of jeers because of it.

    Your last name is cool! Wear it with pride.


  2. Great post! One of my main characters’ name is Damian and he’s great. He has something dark about him, but that’s not why I picked the name. I just like it. Been considering it a great name for a kid, if Stephen and me ever have any (not for a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile yet ;)) It’s an option 😉


  3. Hello Lisa I am a cousin of yours because from what Iunderstand all Damians are related so if you have time lets chat I dont know where u are at in this world but u have my e-mail address and my cell # is2102145880 lets know who and where we are in this family. this not a joke just want to know who I am related to also I would like to know more of the Damian name things that u may have found hope to hear from u soon Boinfacio E Damian bed711@gmail.com Ph#210-214-5880


  4. I’m currently living in the Midwest, but have lived in several different cities and states throughout the U.S. I’ve also been told that most Damians are related as direct or distant cousins if one takes the time to trace it back, usually to the island of Guam where the roots of our original family tree are still firmly planted.


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