I write this post from the Johnsburg, IL library.  I have spent the past few days visiting libraries throughout McHenry County, IL in preparation for an article that I am writing.

The library is one of my “happy places.”  Being surrounded by all of these books, movies, and CDs in a quiet place to work with free WiFi… What’s not to love?

I try to visit libraries in different cities when I am travelling.   I wrote several chapters of my novel while sitting at the library in San Francisco, CA in front of a picture window overlooking the copper-domed Civic Center building.

It’s not just all the free books that beckon me.  It’s the program series ranging from writers’ groups to childrens’ craft projects to cooking classes.  For you teens, many branches now offer Wii Guitar Hero and DDR game nights on a big screen complete with pizza, as well as free tutoring and homework help.  I encourage you to check out your local libraries for the programs offered and even venture out to surrounding branches in nearby towns to see the unique events that might differ from the branch nearest you.  There’s something for everyone at your local library!


  1. Lisa, have you been to the Newberry Library in the city? It’s an absolutely gorgeous place and houses the most amazing collection. You can actually touch medieval era books there, which I find the most amazing thing.

    Libraries are one of my favorite places, too, which will seem pretty obvious! Any institutions devoted to books, reading and research are places I want to be.


  2. I haven’t been to the Newberry. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

    Books and research are probably a large part of what drew me to my previous career in higher education. The university environment is still my second home.


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